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10 Natural Acne Treatment Routine and Lifestyle

Some people have an inseparable relationship with acnes. It even starts very early like in 12 years old. As they grow older, it can get worse. Luckily, the natural acne treatment routine can give real time results. This is the kind of routine that should be done in daily basis. It gives a lot of helps for the medical treatment to give better result. Unlike medical treatment that can cost you so much money only for a few days, this natural treatment is almost free. Commitment is the only thing you need.

Acnes condition on every person is varying. Mild acnes are not very problematic. But the medium to severe acne problem is like the worst nightmare. The swollen red acne gives the skin bad news. And it even gets worse when your filthy fingers got involved by rubbing and squeezing the acnes. But none of this thing can do a good job to you. You’ve got to stick to treatment and routine to remove them totally. Let’s see which of the routines can be started right away.

1. Morning Facial Cleansing with Honey

To start a day, make sure to wash your face with honey. Get around ½ teaspoon of raw honey and rub it over your face. Let it for about 30 minutes before washing off. Honey is special thanks to its antibacterial properties that are useful to inhibit the acne breakouts. At the same time, it helps to remove the excess oil and keep the skin moisturized.

2. Evening Facial Cleansing with Olive Oil

Continue the natural acne treatment routine with olive oil. Apply the oil and rub it using a clean tissue. It gives a really great result in cleaning all traces of cosmetics and keeping the skin always moisturized and soft. This oil cleansing surprisingly helps to normalize the oil level which subsequently prevent acne from resurfacing. Olive oil also gives enormous nutrients and minerals into the skin making this oil a good anti-agent.

3. Coconut Oil

Besides olive oil, the coconut oil is also a good choice to cleanse the face. Use this oil to replace makeup wipes because makeup wipes can cause irritation especially to sensitive skin. They also have unnecessary chemicals and scents that can cause breakout. On the other hand, coconut has antibacterial properties to help combat the bacteria. It also works to help fixing fine lines, shrinking pores and moisturizing the skin. Only within one week, you will notice your face is no longer red and swollen.

4. Homemade Acne Facial Oil

Once you have done cleansing the face with oil, continue with facial acne facial oil. This facial oil completes the holistic skincare. What oil is all about is that it is targeted for acne-probe skin by providing the powerful properties in order to normalize the skin production. It also heals old acne marks and reduces aging skin. You can start making your own acne facial foam from scratch.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar Toner

Spraying face with a mixture of raw apple cider vinegar and alcohol free toner balances pH level of the skin. What’s good about apple cider is that it contains the gentle exfoliating acnes that can calm acne. It also helps to make the homemade facial oil to be absorbed evenly and quickly by the skin.

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6. Fresh Cabbage Rejuvenation Mask

Rejuvenation mask is very useful to help removing the dead skin cells and thus speed up the treatment process. A great natural ingredient for rejuvenating the skin is fresh cabbage. This vegetable is very rich in minerals and vitamins. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is deep cleansing. It provides a very valuable mask for people with acne problems including the severe one. Fortunately, it can be used on any skin types from normal, dry to oily. To make this mask, you need to make a puree combining cabbage, lemon juice, olive oil and carrot juice. Then, mix it with clay powder. Use the mask at least once a week right after cleansing

7. Full Face Mask

Apply full face mask for better result during the treatment process. This time, mix three ingredients all together. They are nutmeg, cinnamon and honey. All you need to do is mixing them all until it becomes a paste. Store it in container and leave it first for a few hours before using. This mask doesn’t need long. Leave the mask on your skin only about 10 to 15 minutes. Then, wash off the face using fresh water.

8. Acupuncture

Although still strange for some people, but acupuncture does give huge help to cure acnes. This traditional treatment focuses on balancing the hormones inside the body. When it’s all balanced, the hormonal acne will be decreased. It even works for cystic acnes. For more optimal result, acupuncture should be combined with good dietary plan by avoiding certain foods that can trigger acne.

9. Avoid Heavy Makeup

Applying makeup all day long is not doing you something good. When the skin pores are covered with makeup, then all the sweat and oil will be buried down the pores. If it happened every time, there will be bacteria growing under the pores. This is clearly a bad news because it’s only a matter of time that acnes will surface. So, switch to simple makeup temporarily until your acne problem is addressed.

10. Eat Real Food

Just as stated earlier, that a good dietary plant should be started real soon to have the treatment working more effective. It’s nothing good when you still eat junky and greasy food while applying honey cleansing every morning. It is because the work of the honey is disturbed. As a result, there will be no changes. So, to help all the natural treatments working make sure to eat healthy and fresh food. Avoid dairy products and fatty foods. Instead, have more vegetables. Eat more water. And do more exercise.

Shortly said, to have the natural acne treatment routine work, a total lifestyle change is necessary from the simplest change in everyday routine to big change.

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