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11 Best Foods to Eat for Breakfast

Every day, you need energy to do your daily activities. Different people may need different energies depending on their activities. The harder they do activities, the higher energy is needed. So, you have to start your day with breakfast.

The Benefits of Breakfast

Commonly, people eat foods 3 times a day. The best patterns are in the morning for breakfast, in the afternoon for lunch, and in the evening for dinner. However, there are many people who do not too care to get breakfast. In fact, breakfast is very important. Here are some benefits of breakfast:

  • Have More Endurance and Strength

Breakfast can be the highest source of energy in the morning. So, if you do many physical activities, you will be stronger. Besides that, it also improves your endurance.

  • Improve Performance and Concentration

If you are a student, you need to concentrate in the classroom. If you start your day with breakfast, you will increase your concentration in receiving the lessons. So, your performance will also be better.

  • Get Complete Nutrients

You have to fulfill the needs of nutrients in your body. You cannot wait for it until you get lunch. So, you have to get a breakfast in the morning. Breakfast can also help you to get more minerals and vitamins.

  • Reduce Body Weight

There are many people who have diet by skipping breakfast. It is a fatal way because actually breakfast can reduce weight. By getting breakfast, you will reduce cholesterol and stay satisfied longer.

  • Prevent Some Diseases

Lastly, breakfast is also believed to be able to prevent various diseases. It can prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, and other diseases.

Considering the benefits above, you must be aware that breakfast is very important. So, you should not skip it every morning. Of course, you cannot choose the foods carelessly. You have to make sure that the foods for breakfast are good and healthy.

Best Foods for Breakfast Menu

Breakfast will give so many benefits if it is done rightly. The best time for breakfast is from 06.00 a.m. to 08.00 a.m. Besides the right pattern, you have also to choose the right menus for breakfast. What are the best foods to eat in the morning? Here are the most recommended options:

1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is one of the best healthy foods. That is why it is recommended so much for breakfast. Oatmeal contains beta-glucan. It is a kind of fiber that functions to help reduce cholesterol if you eat it regularly. Besides that, oatmeal also has potassium, folate, and omega 3 fatty acids. Then, it also comes with high fiber. If you want to sweeten it, you can add milk or honey. It will also be a good idea to top it with nuts and fruits.

2. Greek Yogurt

The second option of breakfast menu is Greek yogurt. It is a creamy and tangy yogurt that is rich of protein as well as calcium. So, the benefits are better than the regular yogurt. It is very effective to keep you satisfied in the morning until afternoon. I suggest you to choose the plain and nonfat Greek yogurt. If you want to add the flavor, you can use some fruits. Considering the benefits, Greek yogurt will be a perfect menu for your breakfast.

3. Wheat Germ

If you want to eat less but full more, wheat germ can be one of the best menus. It is very appropriate for your breakfast. Besides making full longer, wheat germ can also meet your daily need of vitamin E and folate. If you want to eat it more deliciously, you can sprinkle it on cereal and then stir it onto yogurt. It is also good to mix it with a smoothie.

4. Grapefruit

If you have diet and are worry to get breakfast, you can try grapefruit. Grapefruit is very useful to make you slimmer fast. In fact, it is able to burn your fat properties effectively. Besides that, grapefruit can also help you to fill and hydrate yourself. Then, it also comes with antioxidants. For the best result, you can pair grapefruit with some proteins such as egg or yogurt. However, you have to be careful if you take some medications or prescription drugs.

5. Banana

If you like fruits, you can consider eating bananas in the morning for your breakfast. Bananas can make you stay full longer so that you can do activities until afternoon strongly. It does not only become a good carbohydrate but also comes with potassium. It is an electrolyte that functions to help you naturally lowering blood pressure. In addition, it also becomes a good choice for you who have hypertension.

6. Egg

It is one of the most common menus for breakfast. Egg is very simple to cook and serve. Besides that, it also tastes delicious. But do you know that egg is rich of nutrients? Egg is well known as one of the best sources of protein. Besides that, it also has high vitamin D. That is why egg is recommended so much for you all.

7. Almond Butter

If you do not like egg, almond butter can be a good alternative. It also becomes a perfect source of protein. Even more, almond butter also has mono-saturated fat, one of the types of good fat. Besides the nutrients offered, almond butter is also very delicious to eat. You can also pair it with some fruits such as apple and banana. Talking about the nutrient of almond butter, it can be compared to peanut butter because they both have 100 calories /tablespoon. However, it becomes the better choice especially if you have allergens to peanuts.

8. Watermelon

It is very perfect to start the day with something fresh. In this case, watermelon can be a good idea to eat for breakfast. It is very helpful to hydrate your body. You can eat it directly or juice it to be a tasty drink. Watermelon is considered as one of the greatest source of lycopene. Even more, it also has 40 calories /cup. In this case, the calories are negative-calorie foods that can burn calories more effectively.

9. Flaxseed

The next idea is flaxseed. In this case, you can make it into cereal or smoothie so that you can use it for your breakfast menu. Flaxseed is rich of mega 3 fatty acids. Besides that, it can also meet your need of heart healthy fat. It has a nutty flavor and also comes with lignin & fiber. Lignan is a kind of antioxidant that functions to prevent breast cancer.

10. Blueberries

It is also very good to eat blueberries in the morning. You can eat it in frozen or fresh. It is called as super-fruit because it offers many benefits. Comes with antioxidant, it is very useful for your health. Besides that, if you eat blueberries regularly, it can improve your memory. Even more, it also reduces the blood pressure and boost metabolism.

11. Strawberries

Lastly, I recommend strawberries for your breakfast menu. Like blueberries, strawberries also belong to super-foods because it has big antioxidants. Besides that, it also offers fiber, folic acid, and vitamin C. In addition, strawberries are good to prevent heart attack.