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Best Choices Of Healthy Fast Food For Breakfast Option

For the busy people, serving food for breakfast sometimes will disturb their time. Well, because of serving breakfast menu, they are late coming in their office. I am sure it is one of funny fact but it happens in reality. The major solution taking by the busy people is choosing the kinds of fast food. Some common people maybe see that fast food is less of nutrient. Moreover, breakfast is important because the nutrient inside the breakfast-menu will be used to provide some spirits in doing the agenda in whole day. Is it true that all fast food less of best nutrient?

The answer of the question above is NO. I am sure that in the market, there are several kinds of the fast food, which is less in nutrient but there are some others options of fast food, which is good to be the list in your breakfast menu. Here, we have several options of healthy fast food for you. You can choose several options here to fulfill your morning nutrient. However, before seeing the list of healthy fast food, we will see the standard that you need to know in choosing those foods. What are they?

  • Standard portion size. Since breakfast is important to provide the power in following your agendas, you need to see the portion of the menu. The average calories need when breakfast is 400.
  • Low sodium and sugar. When you choose the kinds of the breakfast menu, please pay attention that the menu of your breakfast is less sugar and sodium. It is important because the sugar and sodium will cause some problems in digestive system when it is applied in breakfast menu.
  • High protein. Protein is one of the most important unsure of food. When you want to have the great breakfast menu, please choose the food that has high level of protein. Protein also will keep and control your hunger.
  • Proportional amount of fiber. Fiber is also one of the important unsure of food. The fiber will be nice to stabilize the metabolism of body, so you will have a fresher condition.
  • Proportional fat. Please be aware that eating too much in the breakfast time is bad. You need to control the fat of the food.

Some points as above can give the preview about the kinds of food, which you can choose when you want to enjoy your breakfast. Now, let us see several kinds of the good and healthy fast food. I am sure that these options can be the best choice for you all.


Source image : By KLNMAX (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

Talking about the kinds of healthy fast food, we will start it from Starbuck. I am sure that you already know about Starbuck. Yes, it is one of the famous food store in the world. You need to know that there are several best menu for breakfast providing by Starbuck every morning. What are the best breakfast menu from Starbuck?

  • Spinach and feta breakfast wrap. It is the first great breakfast menu from Starbuck, which can be the great choice for you. This menu is special with some best nutrients. It has 290 calories, 19g protein, 10g fat, 830mg sodium and 33g carbohydrate. Seeing the nutrient of this food, we will know that it is enough to provide the well power in enjoying our agendas.
  • Protein bistro box. For the vegetarian, I am sure that it is one of the special breakfast menu from the Starbuck. This menu is special because it consist of several great nutrients, such as 380 calories, 13g protein, 19g fat, 470mg sodium and 37g carbohydrate. See, the nutrient of it is proportional and it will be the great choice for breakfast menu!

Panera bread

Source image : By Photo by User : Kmf164, taken on March 12, 2006, via Wikimedia Commons

Bread can be the great option for breakfast and Panera Bread provides some great choice for you. There are several delicious options, which will make your breakfast time colorful. Of course, it also consists of high amount in best nutrients, so your need can be fulfilled well. Let us see the options from this restaurant.

  • Steel cut oatmeal with strawberries and pecans. It is the first good menu from this restaurant, especially for the vegetarian one. This menu is nice with its great nutrient, such as 340g calories, 6g protein, 14g fat, 160mg sodium and 51g carbohydrate. The fresh material of this menu also makes it taste very good!
  • Avocado, egg white and spinach breakfast. This menu can be the other option for you. It is nice with the collaboration of egg, avocado and spinach. I am sure that this collaboration will provide the special menu that is good in taste and well in nutrient. How about its nutrient? This food has 400 calories, 12g protein, 13g fat, 650mg sodium, and 52g carbohydrate.


Source image : FoxLad at English Wikipedia, via Wikimedia Commons

Now, we move to McDonald. It is one of the most famous food store in the world and it is great in its list of special menus. Now, we will see some great menus from McDonald, which can be the option of healthy fast food. What are the kinds of it? See the list of the best breakfast menu below.

  • Egg McMuffin. It is the first great breakfast menu, which you can choose here. This menu is nice with the collaboration of bread and egg with the tasty ingredient. People do not need to worry about its nutrient because it has 300 calories, 17g protein, 13g fat, 750mg sodium, and 31g carbohydrate.
  • Fruit and maple oatmeal without brown sugar. For the vegetarian people, they can choose this special menu. This breakfast menu is nice with the combination of fruit and oatmeal. In other hand, it is also nice because it is free from brown sugar, which sometime can disturb the digestive system. This menu is special with its high good nutrient, as 260 calories, 5g protein, 4g fat, 115g sodium and 49g carbohydrate.
  • Low fat milk jug. To be combined with several breakfast menu, McDonald provide low fat milk jug for you. It is one of the special drinking menu here, which will be appropriate to be consumed in your breakfast time. What make this drinking special is the high nutrient there. In a portion of this milk, it has 100 calories, 8g protein, 2.5g fat, 125mg sodium, and 12g carbohydrate.

Taco Bell

Source image : By Anthony92931 (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

For the last, we will see the breakfast menu from Taco Bell. It is one of the special food store, which also provides some kinds of best food for your breakfast. Now, let us see the special choice from this food store.

  • Sausage and cheese biscuit Taco. When you want to taste the cheesy menu, it can be the great choice for you. This menu is special with the well collaboration of meat, bread, cheese and other fresh ingredients. It also has a high good nutrient, as 370 calories, 14g protein, 23g fat, 640mg sodium and 29g carbohydrate.
  • Grilled breakfast burrito – fiesta potato. It is also one of the great and special breakfast option from the Taco Bell. This menu is special with the combination of potato and several kinds of vegetables, which will increase the power of you in your morning. It has several good nutrients, such as 340 calories, 10g protein, 15g fat, 790mg sodium and 43g carbohydrate.

Well, which menu will you choose for your breakfast?

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