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Best Foods for Kids for Daily Eating

Source image : By U.S. Department of Agriculture (Summer kids eat lunch)

If you have kids, you have to care for them. You have to make sure that they are healthy, happy, and get their right. For example, you need to register your kids to schools, let them play with their friends, buy toys, and keep them healthy. So, you have to pay attention to those things above. In this article, I want to emphasize about the foods. You have to pay attention more to the foods your kids eat every day. It does not only relate to healthy eating patterns but also the healthy foods eaten.

There are many foods that your kids can eat. But choosing the healthy foods is not as easy as you imagine. In fact, kids usually love foods that are sold near their schools that are commonly unhealthy. For example, they like eating junk foods, sugary foods, and other unhealthy foods because most of them are delicious. So, you have to plan how to ask your kids eat healthy foods. In this case, you have to find the healthy foods that your children like. What are they?

Healthy Foods for Kids

What are the kinds of healthy foods? To get the best healthy foods, you have to pay attention to the nutrients. One of the most needed nutrients is protein. So, it can serve foods that contain high protein. Protein can be one of the best sources of energy. Besides protein, you also need to prioritize vitamins. There are many kinds of vitamin such as vitamin A, B, C, D, E, etc. Then, your kids also need minerals. In addition, omega 3 fatty acids, calorie, and other good nutrients are also needed. However, there are some bad nutrients that you should avoid. For example is trans-fats or others. SO, you have to be careful.

So, how to get those needed nutrients. You have to choose the healthy foods that contain those good nutrients. For example is fruit. Fruits are well known with the various vitamins such as papaya, orange, grapefruit, etc. Besides that, vegetables are also recommended because they are rich of fiber, vitamins, and other nutrients. The recommended vegetables are such as amaranth, beans, etc. The next idea is grain such as wild rice, popcorn, oatmeal, whole wheat bread, etc. In addition, I also suggest you dairy meals such as yogurt, cheese, milk, etc. You can also consider other foods as long as they belong to healthy foods.

Then, there are some tips to follow. For example, to get the healthy foods, you have to cook foods at home rather than letting them buy near school. Besides that, you should also limit the portion even though the foods are healthy. Then, you also need to consider healthy snack for your kids to delay hunger.

Healthy Recipes for Kids

You have to be able to make the recipes for your kids’ healthy foods. For example, you need to make the recipes for their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here are some recipes that can inspire you:

1. Tacos

The first idea is tacos. To make healthy tacos, you can replace the ground bison with a turkey. This healthy meat can be paired with squash and sweet potato. For the top, Greek yogurt, avocado, radishes, and peppers can be good ideas.

2. Potatoes

The second idea is potatoes. In this idea, I suggest you to make oven-fried potatoes. The recipe of this healthy food is to toss the potatoes with vegetable oil and spices. Then, bake it until it crisps to get the better French fries.

3. Chicken Toes

It will also be very delicious to eat chicken toes. To optimize the taste, you should make it crunchy. You have to cut it into some pieces with small sizes so that it can be enjoyed deliciously. Then, bake them until it gets crunchy. It becomes a perfect alternative for deep fried fingers.

5. Salad

If you consider salad, you can make it healthier with light chicken. To make this recipe, you can use Greek yogurt for the dressing. Then, you can consider topping it using skinless chicken breast, a few slices of boneless, etc. It can be used for your main dish.

Those are some recipes that you can follow. They are easy to make. Hopefully, this can inspire you all to serve your kids healthy foods.

Healthy Breakfast for Kids

Breakfast is one of the most important eating patterns. So, you cannot let your kids skip their breakfast. Breakfast is very useful but you have to give them healthy foods. Here are some ideas of menu for your kids’ breakfast:

1. Popsicles

Who does not like popsicles? Every kid must love it. So, there is nothing wrong if you serve your kids popsicles for their breakfast. Besides delicious, popsicles is also healthy because it is made from fruits and yogurt.

2. Banana Pops

Banana can also be a good idea for breakfast menu for your kids. To make it more enjoyable, you can make it become banana pops. You can add mini chocolate chips, cinnamon sugar, coconut shreds, and raisin to make it much more delicious.

3. Egg & Tomato Sandwich

This can also be a good menu for breakfast. Your kids certainly love it. You just need to make a juicy tomato and add t with delicious nutrients like a whole wheat English muffin, cedar cheese, and egg. Your kids will not only stay full longer but they also get many beneficial nutrients.

4. Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter

It will also be great to have breakfast with this menu. You have to make it gluten free so that it becomes healthy food. For more delicious taste, you can freeze it first. Then, it will also be better to add natural peanut butter, agave nectar, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and other ingredients that belong to health foods.

Healthy Foods for Kids’ School Lunches

In the afternoon, your kids also need eating. Rather than buying foods near school that are not really healthy, it will be better for you to make recipes for your kids menus for lunch at the school. Here are some ideas to try:

1. Pasta Salad

Salad is appropriate for lunch. In this case, I suggest you to make pasta salad. You can add vegetables to make it healthier. Then, you can also add dressing to make it more interesting. It will also be more delicious with fig cookies and watermelon.

2. Tuna Sandwich

Your kids surely love sandwich. If you consider making a healthy sandwich, you can try this recipe. It will be a good idea to add tuna sandwich with some lettuces on the whole wheat bread. Baby carrots, low fat ranch dip, small plum, and whole grain goldfish crackers can also be added.

3. Pretzel Kabobs

The next healthy food for your kids’ lunch is pretzel kabobs. In this idea, what you need are cheese, turkey, and ham. Add them with mandarin oranges, shelled edamame, and fat free chocolate pudding.

4. Boiled Egg

Egg contains high protein that is very useful for your body. So, it becomes one of the healthiest foods to consider for your kids’ lunch. Besides that, it is also easy to make. For example, you can try making sliced boiled egg with whole grain waffles. Then, add them with bell pepper strips. Other ingredients needed are kiwi fruit, blackberries, and corn muffin.