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Best Healthy Snack Recipes with High Protein

Usually, you eat three times a day. However, sometimes you need eating snacks such as between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner especially if you have heavy daily activities. However, you have to make sure that you eat healthy snacks. Therefore, you have to be able to make your own healthy recipes for daily snacks. Healthy snacks will be great if they contain high protein.

1. Nut Butter Boat

This is the first snack idea that you can try. As we know, nut is one of the best sources of protein. If you are interested in it, you just need to serve nut butter such as walnut, cashew, or almond on celery sticks. You can also top it with raisins. If you do not like celery, you can consider apple. It is very delicious and healthy.

2. Mixed Nuts

Still related to nut, you can also try mixed nut. Even though nut is rich of protein, you can still mix nuts with some various dried fruits. It will be much more delicious. Even more, you are also allowed to add sweetness as long as it is only a little. The best mixing ideas are pictachios and almonds where they also contain high protein.

3. Turkey Sandwich

This can also be one of the best ideas for your daily snacks. It is made from turkey. Besides that, you also need to add a slice of cheese and tomato. Then, you have to know that it does not use bread. To replace the bread, you can consider boiled egg and some vegetables. It does not only contain high protein but this snack recipe is also low salt to control your blood pressure.

4. Pumpkin Seeds

You can use pumpkin seeds for snacks because they are full of fiber. Besides that, they also offer immunity protecting zinc if you wash, dry and roast them. This snack will be much more delicious with curry powder. Because it rich of protein this snack is recommended so much for you all.

5. Chunky Banana Shake

Did you know that banana is one of the best fruits? It is well known with its vitamins but you can use it as a snack that contains high protein if you mix it with peanut butter as well as chocolate milk. Even more, this snack will also provide cardiovascular benefits and also healthy fats. It is very interesting, is not it?

6. Vanilla Shake

Still belongs to shake, it will also be a god idea if you make a recipe of vanilla shake. This vanilla shake can be used for your snack moreover you add whey protein powder. You can also mix it with orange juice and ice. Blend them until smooth and you can enjoy this! If you want more, you should be creative. For example, you can eat or drink it with wafer or cake to add the flavor.

7. Mini Bean & Cheese

Both bean & cheese are two of the highest protein foods. If you like both, why do not you combine them? It may need more minutes to prepare this snack but it will worth it totally. Even more, this snack is also rich of calcium and fiber and are good for your bones. It is also very easy to bring so that you can eat it anywhere. If you are interested, just try this recipe at home!

8. Edamame Poppers

This also belongs to the best snack because it contains high protein. You should use the little beans. To make this snack recipe, you should steam the fresh beans. You can also consider pre cooked frozen beans. Then, it is sprinkled with sea salt. This snack will contain 15 grams of protein.

9. Humus Snacks

It will also be a good idea for you to make humus snacks. There are various vegetables that you can use to make this snack. For example, you can use snow peas, celery and carrots. You can mix them all. This snack will be best made vertically like sticks. Anyway, this snack will not only enjoyable but also good for your health.

10. Greek Yogurt & Granola

Compared to other regular yogurts, Greek yogurt has the highest protein. That is why this can be used for your high protein snack. It also provides probiotics as well as calcium that will be useful to fight inflammation. Then, you can add 2 tablespoons of granola. This snack is ready to serve. It sounds tasty. So, you should try it.

11. Cheese, Whole Wheat Crackers & Almond Mix

The next recipe of healthy snack is the mixing of cheese, whole wheat crackers, and almonds. It does not only provide protein. However, this snack also offers healthy fats. Even more, it is also great to upgrade fiber. That is why you should plan this recipe for your snack.

12. Healthy Perfect Parfait

If you like ice cream, you can consider this snack idea. Besides healthy, it is also surely delicious. You can make this snack with non-fat Greek yogurt. Then, you can add some fruits wither frozen or fresh. For the top, you can use honey and oats. This snack is good for your health because it offers protein and also probiotic. To add the interest, you can also try adding berries for 2 tablespoons.

13. Chocolate Milk

Who does not like chocolate milk? It is one of the most favorite menus for kids. However, it can be consumed for anyone including adults. That is why I recommended this for your snack. This is also good for you who like doing exercise at a gym because the high protein can be useful to improve your strength and muscles. For the better recipe, you should reduce the sugar.

14. Tuna & Crackers

This is another best healthy snack recipe. The easiest way to make this snack recipe is using a canned tuna where it provides vitamin D & omega 3 fatty acids. After that, you can add whole wheat crackers. It is very simple, is not it? Hopefully you will be inspired.