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Blue Light Acne Treatment Care to Treat Many Forms of Acne

People who have acne problem can try many different treatments to get rid of acne. Kind of acne treatment available is various which can be chosen according to the needs of everyone’s skin. The treatment itself could be in the form of homemade treatment which is natural or using modern device with advance technology. One of acne treatment using technology that can be tried is blue light acne treatment care. Briefly, this kind of treatment provides a device which is able to kill the bacteria responsible in causing acne in the skin. There are several things which should be known related to the care, side effect, the cost, and blue light treatment at home below.

Blue Light Acne Treatment Care

Blue light treatment is non-invasive technology which uses blue wavelength light to kill acne bacteria. Kind of bacteria which is killed by this device is Propiobacterium acnes in the skin. It is quite simple to use this product. By pressing down the device on the affected area, the blue light provided will penetrate and destroy acne bacteria within your skin. This is an acne treatment which is free of chemical. It has been proven clinically as a method to destroy acne and prevent the upcoming breakouts in the skin. It is also recommended by dermatologist to be effective in treating acne problem. This blue light is also painless and safe to use.

Moreover, the procedure of blue light treatment is conducted using delivery system of blue light. Patient will sit in front of blue light lamp for about fifteen minutes. A patient can follow this procedure to get the treatment twice a week over four week period in order to achieve optimal result. You can get this kind of modern treatment to get rid of acne from dermatologist. Procedure of blue light treatment will be performed in dermatologist’s room as well. It can be purchased by everyone to be used at home. However, you need to conduct consultation first with dermatologist before doing the treatment. This is needed to provide safe procedure when using blue light delivery system at home.

The use of blue light treatment is claimed to be effective for all kinds of acne ranging from breakouts experienced by teenager up to hormonal onset. It has the capability to treat mild, moderate, even severe acne, scarring acne or cystic. According to some small studies conducted, it shows that blue light can improve acne vulgaris followed by reduction of inflammation as well as reduction of papules and pustules in some people. However, there is also a study shows that the condition of nodulocystic acne lesions get worse when it is treated using blue light treatment. Thus, the effectiveness of this treatment is different from one individual to another. It maybe depends on kind of acne treated and skin types of the patient.

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Blue Light Acne Treatment Side Effects

Therapy machine of blue light acne treatment care used for acne usually also has some side effects which are very few. It is because this light therapy device uses UV light in very low level. UV light itself seems to be well with safety range used. So, generally blue light therapy is safe treatment for acne. However, there are some side effects from doing this light therapy. People who are included as drug resistant can have hyperactive state from trying the treatment. It is for patient with seasonal depression. Thus, the use of blue light treatment must be stopped or reduced until the condition of patient is treated.

Patients will be able to get better result if they conduct blue light photodynamic therapy instead of only blue light therapy. Some will probably not experience any side effect, but some may have redness, swelling, burning and stinging when they follow the treatment. Redness and slight irritation will usually be experienced by individuals with very sensitive skin. In some cases but it is rarely happen, patients could be allergic to photosensitizing solution of Levulan. Patients need to be aware that photodynamic therapy is a new method of acne treatment. Thus, long term side effects of this treatment have not been known yet.

Any kinds of treatment which uses ultraviolet radiation exposes to the patient including blue light treatment will also develop a risk. The possibility of a risk developed is such as premature aging occurred in skin and even the possibility in developing skin cancer which is increased in patient’s life. There are some temporary headaches and eye strain experienced by some patients due to the light used during the treatment. Fortunately, this kind of symptom seems indicating only impermanent injury.

Blue Light Acne Treatment at Home

Aside from procedure of blue light treatment which is administered at dermatologist’s office, there is also another form of blue light therapy conducted at home. This home device can be used to the point where patient will be able to get convenience treatment. They can do the treatment anytime at home to reach similar result with one at office.

The existence of blue light device to use at home is efficient for patients which allow them to treat their skin safely without any need to make an appointment with doctor beforehand. However, patients need to know their owned medical history and their skin types before doing such treatment. It is even better for them to ask doctor first in which in some cases is needed.

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Blue Light Acne Treatment Cost

If you want to get blue light therapy to treat your acne, you can go to dermatologist who manages this kind of treatment. You will get the treatment at their office. The cost of this acne treatment is ranging from $40 for single treatment you get up to $1500 for complete treatment including sessions in several weeks.

You can also buy the device of this acne treatment to use at home. If you want to get blue light acne treatment care at home, you can purchase the device online. You need to find the best product to help you treat your acne. The cost of this device would be various from one brand to another.