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Natural Remedies in Acne Treatment for Adults

Acne is common skin problem that appears in many people. Teen suffer this kind of problem as effect of their hormonal and biological development. It does not mean adults will be free from acne. Research showed adult still have high probability to get acne, even the age is very old. To overcome this problem, there is acne treatment for adults with natural remedies.

Before going to next section, you should know why acne appears on adult. As you know, acne has many underlying factors, so it is very difficult to make definitive answer. Adults do not have problem in hormonal, though some of them still suffer from imbalance hormone production. Acne mostly can be found in face where skin is sensitive and thin. Teen’s skin is very thin, so acne can be found equally in most part of face. For adult, acne might be found around chin and jawline.

1. Ice and Steam

Acne induces pain and uneasiness on skin. At the same point, you might suffer severe pain. This problem is side effect of inflammation. Acne is not only excess oil that cannot get out from skin pores. Bacterial infection and inflammation are also the acne sign and symptom. For such reason, you need to ease the pain level then let oil passes through the pores. Using ice is one of remedy to handle acne. Ice has extreme cold temperature and ability to make skin numb. When you feel pain, ice comes as quick solution.

After the pain is relieved, the next step is using steam to increase temperature on skin. It is completely contrary process, so you need some preparations. Before doing this process, skin should be at normal temperature. Boil water until it produces steam. Put face directly on this part and cover your eyes with protective glasses. Let steam touch face evenly. After that, rinse skin using clean water. If you still feel pain, it is suggested to do ice treatment before relying on steam. Hot temperature lets skin pores to expand and you are able to clean acne easily.

2. Baking soda

For acne and pimple problem, you can use baking soda. To overcome acne, you need focus to get rid of infection and isolate inflammation. Baking soda is one of antiseptics that can be used to destroy malicious bacteria. Moreover, this remedy will maintain pH balance on the skin. Besides excessive oil production, acne might appears as the result of imbalance pH inside body. Even though this problem is not as crucial as excessive oil, you can ignore because adults always find difficulty to keep it at normal sate. Age will change everything, including pH level. Mix baking soda with warm water. Use it as face wash. This treatment can be applied regularly.

3. Lemon

Natural remedy for acne treatment comes from one of popular fruits. You know lemon as fruit with rich nutrient and good for health. Lemon is capable to reduce inflammation and infection. You can use lemon for internal and external treatment. Slice lemon into small pieces. Put this thing on skin directly and rub gently at acne area. You will feel a little bit harsh when lemon touch sensitive acne spot. For internal treatment, you can consume lemon regularly in the morning to keep body at fresh condition.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is popular ingredient for skin and hair treatment. For acne, you can rely on this ingredient to handle acne trouble. Aloe vera has anti-inflammation compound and has ability to soothe pain. It is suitable remedy in acne treatment for adults. Cut aloe vera into medium pieces. Extract leaf to produce gel. Apply gently on skin and massage evenly. After that, wash skin using water. This treatment is for external. You can buy aloe vera gel from store if you do not have this plant at home.

5. Honey

When talking about antibiotic and herbal medicine, you cannot ignore honey. Since ancient time, honey was the key ingredient to make medicine for any disease. Moreover, honey is good for health and consume this stuff makes your body feel better. You can rely honey to overcome acne problem. As you can see, honey is very thick and able to absorb oil effectively. To use this ingredient, apply honey directly on the acne spot. Rub gently and spread it evenly. Wait for about ten to twenty minutes until completely dry. Use warm water to clean face. You can mix honey with warm water and drink it regularly.

6. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has antiseptic and antibacterial ability. It is suitable for acne treatment where infection is in severe level. For your information, tea tree oil is not oil from green tea. Both of them are completely different form and compound. This oil is for external treatment only and very dangerous when touches the digestive tract. To use this remedy, you need cotton swab. Pour one or two drops then spread on the acne area. You can combine it with aloe vera to soothe the effect of tea tree oil.

7. Cucumber

Cucumber has soothing ability to ease pain during acne problem. It is similar to aloe vera, except cucumber has good taste. Moreover, cucumber contains rich vitamins and mineral that useful to keep skin healthy. For acne treatment, you can cut cucumber into small pieces. Apply directly on the skin and wait for ten minutes. Another way is creating cucumber smoothie. Use this thing as facemask at night. To get better result, consume cucumber regularly during meal.

8. Papaya

Papaya has known as one of fruits with rich nutrient. It is tropical fruit and can be found every year. Papaya is good for skin and prevents severe infection. To use papaya as acne treatment, you need to crush this fruit into smoothie form. Apply directly on the skin and wait for several minutes.  It is better to do this treatment at evening before going to bed. As similar to cucumber and honey, consume papaya daily will regulate metabolism and make your digestive system better.

Not all of natural remedies have adverse effects at all. Adult skin might be less sensitive, but metabolism and health condition are different from teen. Using natural remedy is good solution in acne treatment for adults to prevent unwanted result.