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Several Tips of Laser Treatment for Acne You Should Know

Is laser treatment for acne really worth it? Acne is a skin distress which appears because of the over secretion of oil by skin’s oil glands. Meanwhile, the skin sebum is necessary to grease the skin. It at times gets trapped in clogged oil canals, lead to acne. Hormonal changes cause the hindrance of sebaceous glands in the skin as well. Injury that takes place in and about the pilosebaceous part throughout the acne process causes acne scars. One of save ways to alleviate the acne issues is with laser treatment.

Laser can be applied to take care of mild to medium level of acne. For this type of acne cure, there are 2 kinds of laser treatment: the ablative laser and non-ablative laser treatment. The ablative laser treatment is for removing small patches of skin just about the scar to generate a smooth and new area of skin. The non-ablative laser treatment is for stimulating new collagen to grow. This type of protein is very helpful to repair the skin’s damage from scarring, and recovering the appearance.

There are several laser types to do the acne treatment, such as the non-ablative Frazel Laser, Carbon Dioxide lasers (better than Frazel), Fractional Laser Treatment (the best laser for acne scars treatment). The latest laser technology for acne treatment is pixilation that is great for skin resurfacing. There are several advantages of laser treatment for acne issues. The treatment is known to work harmoniously with the formation of the skin tissue. And it certainly can be a safer option to glycolic acid, strong chemical peels, strong surgical lasers, and punch excision. The rate of laser cure is every 1 to 2 weeks.

Laser Treatment for Acne Side Effects

Any medical treatment can bring about side effects, including laser treatment for acne. But, generally there are no post-treatment care is urgently needed. However, tolerance of pain is different from one person to others. No anesthetics are necessary in this treatment with laser.

However, side effects might be inescapable. Here are several things you should consider when you get through this process of treatment. Some of you may suffer discomfort or pain during treatment. Depending on the laser used for the treatment, patients report various side effects. The effects might be itching, bruising, redness, and swelling. There are also risks of lightening or darkening skin and hypo pigmentation on the laser-treated areas.

Furthermore, high intensity laser treatment may cause burning on the skin, which may lead to welling, crusting, cyst, dilated blood vessels and oozing. Sensitive skin might build up an irregular skin tone in the spots where the cure has been done. This could make your skin dark and blotchy. Furthermore, the cured acne scars might have some blood marking and it might take a week or so to heal up. A not consistent laser treatment might also cause acne, eczema, saggy skin, and cyst.

Some patients also said that after the laser treatment, they have the uneasy feeling such as the warming sensation they felt after all day on sunning the beach. For you with sensitive skin, applying an ice pack to the face immediately after treatment might be beneficial. Or, you can apply certain ointment approved by your doctor.

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 Laser Treatment for Acne Scars

Laser healing for acne scars has been confirmed to be the finest existing cure to get rid of obstinate acne scars totally. Laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) is a radical, non-evasive healing that presents a lasting answer to acne scarring. Laser scar treatment utilizes short pulses of micro laser beam to reach into the top layer of the skin. The body’s ordinary healing process then brushes away the broken tissue. It then restructures it again with new collagen, to expose the fresh skin underneath. It is a simple and fast process that could be done in fewer than 40 minutes, counting on the size of the spot to be cured.

It only takes 4 to 6 treatments for two months to reduce the scars totally. Furthermore, the skin will appear refilled and rejuvenated with a smoother look. Laser scar treatment will do well on lots of skin types, as well as for very dark or very pale skin. Laser resurfacing treatment would not only just tackle the matter of acne scars, but would also better the look of skin that’s already damaged by the sun.

Laser treatment for acne scars comes in variety of forms, such as Fractional Laser Treatment which helps to get rid of old pigmented cells and to help collagen remodeling while keeping the healthy skin unaffected and intact. Carbon Dioxide Laser Treatment (CO2 laser resurfacing) is used to take care of skin issues such as warts, scars, or wrinkles. Erbium Laser healing would get rid of surface-level scars better than CO2. And then, there is Pixilation If you want to aim a definite point only. Each technique has its own benefits. Ask your doctor concerning the obtainable cures which could work well on your acne scars. Moreover, do not overlook the questions about any risk and likely complications that may occur throughout and after the process of treatment.

Laser Treatment for Acne Cost

Laser for acne treatment is one of the finest options that could help you dispose of acne issues and the accompanying problems. Nevertheless, all comes in a price and laser cures cannot be considered as cheap treatment. On the typical cure, laser treatment will cost you $700 – $800 per session of treatment.

This high price is due to several other factors to think about, such as medical facilities fee, the doctor’s fee, overhead expenses transportation costs, and the equipment plus materials utilized throughout the process of treatment. Furthermore, laser treatments are deemed as a cosmetic treatment which is not incorporated in the insurance coverage. Nonetheless, it could be covered if the process of treatment will be done to transform scars or to eliminate pre-cancerous growth. The bright news is that there are doctors who offer plans for payment or financing the laser acne treatment that could aid people to get the benefit of this laser treatment for acne.

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